What is on one hand giving older pieces a new lease on life has also become a process of learning about the clothing. A garment expresses itself most clearly when it is experienced: from the qualities of a textile, the subtle details that register as you inspect its construction, and the tailoring and techniques that have been utilized to express the designer’s intended message. Sometimes we can only infer what it is that they wanted to say, but beautiful clothing is beautiful regardless. Sometimes that is enough. 
Module 1 was shot in Los Baños, in a house farther up Mount Makiling, that has been dear to me and my family for well over a decade now. My Nonno loved Makiling dearly, and the house was where we went every summer and New Year, stopping for a few years when Nonno passed away. When we finally started going again, I would wrangle with the memories of my grandfather: his favorite reading nook, where he might smoke a cigar, if I’d fabricated that based on his smoking a pipe or cigar in the sala some Sunday afternoons, what he might have liked to eat, his regal composure, the reassuring boom of his laughter, or that one day when I thought he was taking me and Kuya for a drive to a cafe or something, only to nap in his truck and wake up at the Makiling Forest Reserve — and on, and on.
Choosing to shoot in the Makiling house and getting our families involved was our own way of acknowledging that the constant learning made this project far more personal than we could have ever anticipated, and it is very much a part of us, now.

Below you will find a number of pieces from Module 1.

Module 1 will be available for purchase in its entirety soon.