Ersatz is a library of garments slowly collated to celebrate the diverse directions & technical executions present in designer clothing, regardless of season.

“Ersatz” can mean anything made or used as a substitute: considering it a cheeky way to say “alternative”, we felt our focus on internationally-sourced, vintage, unnew garments was neatly encompassed; an ersatz method of procuring garments from other spheres of the world.

Please look forward to pieces from the Japanese and Western canons (with a soft focus on the former), currently dating as far back as 1988.

Module 3

000 Generalities
100 Tops
200 Bottoms
300 Dresses
400 Outerwear
500 Accessories
600 Module 1
700 Module 2

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Maharishi Black Moleskin Regular Fit Snopants

Classic straight leg easy pants with patented Snocord adjustment system at waist and hems. Two hip pockets with an internal phone pocket at right, two additional on-seam zippered hip pockets with TPU zipper pulls, and two snap flap closure rear pockets; one welted with a stowable flap, and the other in the standard "floating" Maharishi style patch construction with eyelet details. Pre-formed, pleated knees for comfort and mobility, and "Snobutton system" allows pants to be converted into multiple lengths. Additional ankle stash pocket with button flap closure. Consigned, undated.

Tagged size: L, Regular
Composition: 100% Cotton
Condition: B

Waist 18"
Hip 22.5”
Length 42”

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