Ersatz is a library of garments slowly collated to celebrate the diverse directions & technical executions present in designer clothing, regardless of season.

“Ersatz” can mean anything made or used as a substitute: considering it a cheeky way to say “alternative”, we felt our focus on internationally-sourced, vintage, unnew garments was neatly encompassed; an ersatz method of procuring garments from other spheres of the world.

Please look forward to pieces from the Japanese and Western canons (with a soft focus on the former), currently dating as far back as 1988.

Module 3

000 Generalities
100 Tops
200 Bottoms
300 Dresses
400 Outerwear
500 Accessories
600 Module 1
700 Module 2

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Engineered Garments Royal Blue 8.5 Oz Pro Mesh Dome Hat

Deep crown slouchy hat in a double layered synthetic mesh with large perforations. SS2018.

Tagged size: M
Composition: None
Condition: A
Measurements: Head circumference 23”

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